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While writing essays, knowing the latest trends can help significantly to write a winning essay. The information of the latest trends from google trends can help you to write an essay that is creative and innovative. This information may also save from looking for how to buy dissertation online.

People tend to read essays that are written on current and hot topics.
So, if you want to write an essay that is exciting for people, you should get on the news of the trends of the world and write an essay with the help of your research. It would attract the people toward it as they will get some new facts and revealed truth about the topic.
In the year 2020, the hot topic was; Corona Virus Disease.

COVID-19 or Corona Virus Disease

In November of 2019, a patient with Corona Virus was detected in the city of China. The people didn’t pay much attention. And, the result was the spread of the virus in the whole world.
In March of 2020, the virus had its whole control over the world. The people were isolated in their homes. And, the result was the complete lock-down in the whole world.
As COVID-19 affected the lives of people from all angles, it was the hot topic of the year 2020 and maybe, it can still be a hot topic for the year 2021.
As all the factors related to the people, state, country, continent, and the world were affected, each loss or gain regarding facilities was related to the COVID-19.
Because of the popularity of the disease, many lecturers and teachers decided to include the topics essays related to COVID-19 into the course assignments. They asked the students to write some new factors of the disease.

Due to the absence of vaccines in the whole world, the students were asked to write the methods of treatment and precautionary measures.
Your course teacher can give you many topics to write on an essay related to your studies and the effect of COVID-19 on it. You may be asked to write an essay on the “relationship between political changes and Corona Virus disease” as well.
Whatever the topic is, it is a completely new thing for you to write on. You have been used to writing your opinions or references on the topics of your essay. But, now, you are asked to write an essay that is creative on the factors related to Coronavirus.
The first thing that you have to consider is that the essay writing on a pandemic is not much different from writing a typical academic essay. All you need to know is information and facts related to the topic.
You may have written an essay on a different previous pandemic that occurred in the late centuries. Now, you have to know that the difference between writing an essay about a pandemic and the writing of a typical academic essay is the modernized form of this pandemic.
This pandemic is not the one that the late people encountered, witnessed, and dealt with. This pandemic is new and we all are dealing with this pandemic.
Of course, we have a lot of information on this topic related to the cause, symptoms, precautionary measurements, and many others. All we need is a vaccine. And, the vaccine is the method of treatment. So, we have to write on any other step that is related to the treatment of this disease. And of course, we have to focus on the elimination of this disease from this world.
We can’t rely on past research papers or notes that were related to the previous pandemics.
“Modern problems require modern solutions.”
So, we have to notice the facts that are current and new and write an essay on any topic that is related to COVID-19. We can’t argue about certain points as well as they are not clear yet.
In this article, we would be discussing the ways and steps to write a Corona Virus Academic Essay.

Background Check

When we are witnessing this pandemic and we are going through it, we may not need to know a lot about it as there are many things that we already know.
Still, a significant and serious study on the topic is the most important factor for an essay.
Right now, when you know many things about the disease, you may be questioning the things that you need to study for CoronaVirus.
You need to know the main factor here. You don’t have to read the whole thing and check every single point on it. In this way, you are not only wasting your time but efforts and energy as well. You have to check the things that are proved by the WHO (World Health Organization). Moreover, you need to know the things that are common and advisable.
Before the start of reading material about your essay, you must read the assignment prompt that your instructor gave to you. Your instructor must have given you some information on the topics, deadline, or the submission of an essay.
Now, think of a situation. You wrote an excellent essay. You wrote it after researching harder than anyone else. You did some creative work and presented some new and unrevealed points. Of course, your essay is good and it will attract the readers as well.
But, it is not according to the list of the topics that your instructor provided you. And, when it is off-topic, your instructor would not consider the efforts and the creativity of the essay. Your instructor would go according to the rules of the assignment writing and would mark you down.
And, when you are marked down, you would lose the chances of the gain of a degree.
So, you need to note down all the words of your topic that are being asked by your instructor to write. You can analyze the topics, read down the notes that you wrote between lectures, and estimate the weight of your opinions and the references that you are going to use in your essay.
And, you can write down the words that are asked in your topic and use those words frequently in your essay. It will help you to have a strong grip on your essay and your instructor would be assured that you have been in the sequence all the time in your essays.
Now, you have to check out some specific points that your instructor asked you to maintain in your essay writing. Some points that the instructors frequently ask the students to use are; the themes in your textbook or include assigned reading and lecture notes.
You can make a summary of all the points from your research, textbooks, lecture notes, and read them at once. While reading, you must remember to have some good and authorized notes with you.
At the moment when you have read out all the important points that are included in your course books, you have to worry about the peripheral readings that you have to make. At this point, you won’t find many informational things as the pandemic is still going on and the authors have not come to a point yet.
You can have some information from the newspapers, websites, and scholarly articles. If you are writing a research essay, you need to depend upon several different sources.
Writing an essay on COVID-19 can be different for you as you have been going through written articles and books before to write your essay.
There may be several sources that you can use to write your essay:
Number#1: Newspaper articles and websites
Number#2: Academic Articles
These both can help you to write your essay as you have the basic information about the topic.

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