Advantages and Disadvantages of Primary and Secondary Research

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While writing a research paper, students are required to be creative and provide their original ideas on the research topic. The students opt to choose different methods for conducting research. They can conduct primary research that is mostly used in quantifying the data collected and to present data in tabular form. Primary research is conducted by the students on their own and the students have to exert all their efforts on the process. It is also the costly method and takes longer time for data collection.

Even though the primary research is more valid and accurate than other types of research methods, it has drawbacks. The students have to expend their efforts on the process and they may have to neglect their other works in the process. In other words, if the students start to work on primary research, they would have to make sure that their research has the facts that are proved and accurate.

Of course, no one would want the critics to attack their research. So, the students have to be more careful while writing primary research. They have to work day and night to prove the facts and if it is science research, they would have to conduct experiments on different things. The experiments can prove to be fatal as well and the results can vary. It is also possible that the research can lead the students to have sleepless nights and they can end up in wastage of time and money. They won’t have the chance to complete their research.

In addition, the primary research requires money and time. Both are important to living a life. Primary research would require you to spend some money on different factors; employing partners, travel expenses, workshop rents, equipment prices, and many other things. You would have to spend your time as well on the research. And, you weren’t given a deadline of 2 years that you might have time. You have to write your dissertations, assignments, and other academic papers as well.

Considering these things during the covid-19 era, the students can try to choose secondary research. Secondary research won’t require much of your time and it won’t be asking for money and time as well. You don’t have to travel nor recruit any employee to help you. All you need is the Internet and books. Everyone in this era has the Internet so it won’t be a problem for you. About books, you can go to a public library and read out some books from there. It would be out of cost if you take your papers with you there and write your research paper in the peaceful environment of the library.

You won’t have to take some books from the library as well. And, you don’t have to take rounds of libraries because you might find another book on the topic. While writing in a library, you can take out any of the books and collect some information on it. But, everything has an opposite in this world. The same goes with secondary research. Secondary data sets can give you the information you want without any effort. But, it won’t guarantee the validity of the data. The researcher might have something else in the mind and the environment around him while writing his research paper. So, there might be some differences in the data sets. Further, secondary data won’t be accurate completely. It would have some holes in it and there might be some points that can confuse you and if you use these points in your research paper, it would be fatal for your grades.

There might be some facts in the previous research paper that needs some improvement and there might be some factors that are different in your time-zone and the previous time-zone.

So, primary research and secondary research won’t always give you the desired results. Although primary research can be valid and accurate still, you won’t want to use it because of its drawbacks. And, if you want to use secondary research, you can’t get valid information. But, you can provide some of your thoughts on the topic. This will help you to fill the holes and then, you can describe different factors that were not presented in the previous research paper.

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