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While you are at your high school and college level, you will have to write a great essay on any topic of your choice and your available information. You just have to notice that your essay is the best among all the good essays. For this, of course, you will have to adapt a professional writing style and way. And, for this, you will have to do some research on the best writing style which the professionals of this field and competition have chosen to write their essays and fill the papers with some information.

Can you make sure that your “great” essay requires some of the best and just 5 steps? Can you make it clear for yourself and your readers that your writing style is one of the best and professional among all the professors of your college?

If you have to make a “great” essay, you will have to follow some of the steps which are left for being used by your seniors and the people who want to show their writings and papers to the entire world without being criticized by the people who can be doing so.

how to write best essay

For many of the people among the students, writing an essay or any other paper can be a natural process and they have the talent for writing so. In other words, they are the one who can develop a writing style for others. They have the natural way of writing their papers and making sure that the essay has the power to attract the readers and criticizers of the world toward it.

But, for all the other students, writing an essay can be difficult as it requires some of their energy and lots of efforts, so that they can be included in the toppers. For these students, the answer to the question “how to write a best essay” can be very much valuable and profitable for them.

The answer may include tips and tricks which they can learn easily and then, practice these tricks and writing tips every day.

It is more like, “practice makes a man perfect”.

You have to be assured that if you learn the ways of writing; you will have to imply it in your essays. And, if you have the motivation, you can develop a new system of writing.

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Therefore, let’s learn the best ways of writing an essay. And, for the convenience of the students, the ways are divided into 5 figures and important tasks.

Make sure that the title is easy for you to understand

This is the first step of your writing. In the very beginning, you have to understand the topic and title of your essay completely. This can be considered as the well-known advice to all the students by their teachers. But, consider it, if you don’t even know the meaning and purpose of your topic, how are you going to write anything on it? If you have all the information on what is your title, you can easily write anything on it. For this, make sure that the chosen topic is well-aware to you. For this, wait for a while before making a choice on any topic. Then, consider all the facts which you know already and then, scroll the topics on which you can easily write. This can be your lead on writing a good essay. Make sure that the topic must be easy. Don’t think that choosing a difficult topic will help you gain more scores. The points are the same.

If the choice of a topic depends on the question phrases, then read the phrases more carefully. There are some phrases that can be new to you. If you want to write on them, don’t do it without any preparation. Later, after the essay is submitted, you can have a look at them. You just have to consider the more convenient, easy and trouble-free topic.

Make a time table to write a great essay

This is the one important task that you can never ignore because of its value. It is said, “Time is money”. It is completely true for all the students, whether they are in the school, high school, college, academy or university.

You have to develop a timetable at every stage of your educational period. This is the only way which can lead your present to control your future and brighten it with the candles which you set on fire on time.

If you have understood the topic, then, make sure that an effective and well-decorated time table can set your essay to be on time and perfect.

Often, students think about the deadline to come after a long time. They neglect all the important days and hours of the period between the deadlines. And, when the deadline comes to a near stage, they try their best to meet the deadline and write a good essay. This can result in students staying in the libraries and bookstores for a long time. And, in the end, they destroy their health, finances, and most importantly, they have a poor grade regardless of their work in the last days. This is mostly because of the fact that a work done in quickness leads to incomplete and devastated results. And, their professors can’t accept an incomplete project.

If you want to achieve good scores and impress your readers and professors of your project, make sure that you have a perfect time table prepared. And, make sure to work on it and follow it. Don’t just make a time table and then, forget about it.

If you have the deadlines of your own ready and then, try your best to work on them, then, it is the best way of writing a good essay. You can make it clear for yourself that in the last dates, you have no hard work to do that can affect your mental peace and then, disturb your routine altogether. You can set a goal of your own.

For example, you can say that if you complete your introduction in 2 days, you can have a leave from the work for a day or you can spend a little bit of your extra pocket money. It is for sure that humans do work for a prize. So, you can just use it in your case. It is ideal for you to have a leave between the works. It can lead your mental health to a good point.

Conduct a research on your good essay

If you have understood your topic and you have a set time table, it is now time for you to conduct a research.

Mostly, students copy and paste the works of others which can lead their professors to be disappointed in them. The students mostly think that having the works of different people in their work can be considered as research.

It is completely false and a wrong approach to a best essay.

You can conduct research in many ways. But, the core of all of the ways is to have a good reading view and insight of others’ works. You have to know all the important points of your topic.

A good piece of reading material can lead to the best piece of your writing. If you are unfamiliar to your topic and it is completely new to you, you can have a look at your previous reading material. Make sure that everything written in the books requires a proof. If you have read a book, make sure to conduct a research on the words written in the previous works. This proof that you collect is what can be considered your important writing. If you write others’ words without any evidence, it will be considered wrong. But, if you collect evidence on other’s works and write the proof of every single statement relative to the topic of your essay, it can be considered as the best approach to your best essay.

If you want to look for the best reading material relative to your topic, you can have a look at the list

Google Scholar

Google Books


Subject specific annotated bibliographies Your university or school library

You don’t have to waste your time on reading different articles. Just make sure that the tips on writing great essays is written by great scholars and writers.

The structure of your essay is well-known

If you want to present your collected evidence, you have to make sure that the way of presentation is the best among the best. For this, you will have to study various essays written by great and well-known writers for having a look at their way of presentation. This can allow you to come across different ideas of writing an essay and presenting it in a unique way. In the high school and college level, mostly, students ignore the way of presentation. And, this results in poor results of their written work. Make sure that the essay presented is the best and heart-touching. In this way, the readers will enjoy reading it and ultimately, they will end up up-voting it.

Make sure that the structure used by you is logical and clear. It shouldn’t have any confusion in it as it can put your reader in a dilemma of choosing it or not. Don’t put all the evidence in one paragraph. Make sure to cut the words by a proper mean and not put all the things together without any proper paragraph system. If you use topics in every paragraph and the paragraph is short, it can be an easy approach of the reader to the content.

And, as we all know that humans prefer the things that are easy for them to understand and go-through, obviously, your readers will mark your essay as a good one for them

Don’t use difficult words or the words that are just included in the dictionary and not used in real life. Make sure that the content is frank but not too much that it can be considered as a comic instead of an essay and make sure that the content is serious but not too much that it can be considered as the work of a literature professor. Keep a balance between two extremes.

Write your perfect essay

Now comes the last point. Before coming here, you have understood your time, made a time table, conducted a research and then developed a structure format.

All of these stages were for the preparation of your best essay. Now it is time to write your best essay. Before you delve into the process of writing, make sure that you have all the things ready. You have your sheets, pen, marker, and other important things to write a great essay.

If any of the things to write an essay is missing in the middle of writing, you will feel devastated and you can’t write the remaining essays with the same concentration that you had before. So, before writing, prepare everything that is important for writing.

Now, come to the desk and start writing. You have to think carefully about every single statement as it can be the most important statement of your whole essay. Critical thinking can lead you to write a good point with a good reason. If you had too many points at once, you will feel that your essay is losing its charm.

So, all you have to do is to think about the important point, be it be one, before writing it. When you are writing, make sure to propose your thoughts in a way that it is academically correct. Don’t use violent words or any statement that goes against any particular human. Respect every person included in your essay.

At the end, find a study buddy to write.

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