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What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is a type of writing paper that is usually written at the end of your degree career. In many countries, the word “dissertation” is used for the last writing work of Masters or Ph.D. degrees. And, in many other countries, thesis and dissertation are used for the same work and often, used as the placement of another word.
A dissertation is an research and study assignment that is a main and essential element for the accomplishment of an undergraduate and postgraduate degree.
According to the university concept and the ideas presented by the professors of a particular university, a dissertation makes the student able to present their findings as to the answer and the conclusion of the question asked and the topic given by their professors. In many cases, the students and the writers of the dissertation can also present their thoughts on a topic that they want to choose by themselves. Many of the students, however, prefer to get dissertation writing help from online services as it seems to be the more convenient way of succeeding.
The main purpose of writing a dissertation is to give the students an environment in which they can conduct independent research and show the skills they have and obtained from the time they have been in university. The assignments that they wrote from the beginning will be used to help the professors to determine their final grades and allocate a degree to them.

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The problem faced by the students while writing a dissertation

Even though the students start working on the writing of a dissertation, still, there are many problems faced by them and they have to encounter several challenges, as writing a dissertation is not an easy thing to do and to complete it in one sitting.

Writing a dissertation is completely different from other writing formats. This is the first thing that students can encounter as a challenge. They wrote several papers in their earlier education period. For example, essay, research paper, assignment, term paper, college paper, and many others. But, you have to keep in mind that writing a dissertation can never be the same as other papers. The students may have written some educational articles while being in their colleges, but the main point here is that dissertation writing is a completely different process from everything they have written before. Many students take the dissertation writing as assignment writing and start writing with the same format. But, in many cases, students had to restart the whole dissertation writing process as the requirement changed at certain points of their assignment-dissertation paper. In other cases, the students face a dilemma from the very beginning and they cannot even think about the point to start writing the dissertation.

The choice of topic

This is another problem. While in middle schools, you were given a topic and you have to write on that topic. In high schools, you had the choice of two topics and you can choose the one that is easy and accessible for you. In colleges, there were four to five different topics and for all the topics, you were already provided the material. So, the writing was not difficult or challenging for you at any stage. At some points, you were asked to choose a topic by yourself and write anything on it. That can be considered as creative but not challenging. But, while writing a dissertation, you have several different and completely new topics in front of you and you are asked to give yourself one topic out of fifty different topics. It becomes difficult for you at the point to choose one of the best topics for your research. And, of course, you have to choose an easy one for yourself as a difficult topic can create a serious problem for you and your degree.

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Having the access to different places

Now, you have chosen a topic that is best and easy for you. You can write something from collection information on it. But, you have to be in line for hours to gain access to a certain place. You have to go to organizations and different people so that your research is complete. But, when you reach the place, you are told that you do not have access to enter the place or to meet the particular person. This can become challenging and time-consuming as many people have to show their attitude. For example, if you want to have the access to a certain place of the museum, you will have to meet different people, like directors, organizers, and marketers to go into the place and get some information from there. This can be a problem if you don’t have high and suitable connections. Moreover, if you want to meet a certain scientist, doctor, or any other person related to your field, you have to beg that person to have a little bit of a talk with you. But, in the end, they just refuse from meeting you. And, also, gaining access to libraries, informational places, and other certain points can also be difficult for you. Let’s consider that you got access to a certain place and you are going to meet a certain person, it is a good thing for you. But, when you are in a taxi going to a specific place, you will get the notification that your agreement for the meeting has been canceled. And, you will never know the reason. So, gaining access is the thing that you can do by luck and your previous qualifications and connection. In many cases, you have to spend a lot of money to go into a certain place.

The education of having new skills of writing

You have already written hundreds of papers in which you can include essays, articles, and literature reviews. If you are a pro and you have a good sight for different formats, still the dissertation will be a new thing for you. The formats of the previous papers do not require any specific method and technique to write it. You can choose any format as you wish and write in your new style. Usually, writing different papers will become an origin to develop new methods of writing. But, for writing a dissertation process, you will have to learn new techniques and skills no matter what your previous achievements are. Dissertation writing is in methodology terms, technically different. The main requirements of dissertation writing are to have practical and scientific skills that can show your inner side and creative side. Your creative side may include the research method and the ways that you used for conducting the research. The professors may check that whether you included an interview of a related person or you focused on conducting a discussion between the people of your field. He/She may also check the software that you used to modernize your investigation substances and he/she can also notice the modern techniques that you used while decorating and presenting your dissertation.

The hard pressure of time

Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that your dissertation will be the only thing that you can have to write at a certain time. The professors can allot other assignments and weekly tests as well as your hard thing, dissertation. It is a tricky job to write a dissertation along with the assignments. And, you know that your assignments are also important for your degree. So, you cannot have the risk of leaving them behind. Therefore, in managing your time, you have to go through lots of problems as the time can be really fast.
Mostly, your dissertation writing period is for six months before the gain of your degree.
So, if you think that you can write the dissertation peacefully along with other works, you are thinking nothing but a desire.
The duration of six months will fly like a moment and in the six months, you will have a stressful and traumatic time and your nights will be sleepless and disturbed without your permission.
Many students think that they can manage but, make sure that collecting particular and related data and the process of writing requires much more time than six months if other assignments are also included.
What will you do at one time? Will you collect the data of your assignment or the material for your dissertation? Will you write your assignment every week or you will start your dissertation?
You can neither leave behind your assignment nor your dissertation. And, in this world, you don’t have only these two things to do. You have to do a part-time job, housework and extra work. How are you going to manage your time? And, of course, you will have to rest for a while too. So, the pressure of time will crush you slowly.

The pressure of money and finances

The pressure of time will crush you from upward and the pressure of money will crush you from side to side. You have to earn some money so that, you can pay for your fees, your assignment money, your daily usage. Of course, your parents will give you a hand with fees and other university finance. So, what about your daily usage? There are thousands of works in which you have to use some of your money and a month consists of 30 days. You have to buy things for your dissertation papers and other parts. You have to do some part-time jobs, not one. So, you will have to deduct some time. But, you are already using your time. So, you will be under great pressure.
For assignments, proper and accurate research needs and requires a lot of authentic and real data collection. And, if you want to have the access to the data, you will have to throw lots of money into it. You have to pay your fellow workers as research cannot be conducted by yourself when you’re busy dealing with assignments. So, you have to spend money and in the end, you will have to cut off your usage of money. If you are living in a house on your own, you have to pay the bills. You have to buy food. And, in the end, you have zero money.

How we help you

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