Structure of Sentences in an Essay

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Letters are combined to create words and the words are combined to create a sentence. Sentences are the basic and the most important part to write an essay.

Sentences can be seen as a “no effort” thing by many students. But, you have to understand the importance of sentences in the essay. Sentences are used to structure the essays of the students. From the primary classes, we are taught to write sentences.

Structure of Sentences in an Essay

But still, if we make a mistake in creating a sentence by the use of words, it could be a serious problem. A sentence that is structured wrongly can lead to misunderstandings. And, the misunderstandings can be of any sort, wrong meaning or the incorrect talk. If such misunderstandings are created, it would be leading a pathway from the marks deduction to poor grades in essay writing.

In the same way, if sentences are not structured in the right way in the E-mails, it would create confusion and distress and disappoint the reader of your mail. He or she would not be able to understand you in the way you want and he or she can create an incorrect tone in the email.

Incomplete Sentences in an Essay

In the world of the Internet, we have to be busy all the time. It is hard for us to find spare time and enough time to write complete sentences and perfect words. So, we have created some abbreviations and short forms of sentences. It is common for everyone in the world to use the Internet. We do not only use short forms in the Internet world but also we are using these sentences and words in our daily life. Although it is informal and does not make any change in our reputation or image, still it cannot be used in essay writing.

In essay writing, we have to be formal with the professors and the readers to make sure that we are inferior to them. An informal tone in the essay writing can lead to some misunderstandings between us and the professors or readers.

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There are some times when we do not use the complete sentence in our day to day life. Instead, we use some of the words that will be able to convey our point of view to others with some of the words. So, there is no need to be writing the whole sentence when it is not very necessary.

Even the professors and the readers will be able to get to your mind by just reading those incomplete sentences. But, it will be deadly as the readers, and especially professors of the university do not want to read your incomplete sentences.

They want to read a formal essay, not an informal message from you.
If you use some incomplete sentences in your essay, it will do nothing but damage your grades. And, if possible, you will be going to get a serious punishment from your professor.

Introduction to Sentences

A sentence is defined as, “a set of words that is complete in itself, typically containing a subject and predicate, conveying a statement, question, exclamation, or command, and consisting of a main clause and sometimes one or more subordinate clauses.” (Google Dictionary)
In informal writings, we don’t use exclamation marks and question marks at the end of the sentence. Instead, we end a sentence with a full stop, regardless of the nature of the sentence. It is important to remember while writing an academic essay to use the correct mark at the end of sentences.

In other situations, we don’t care about capital letters in informal writings. You have to start a sentence with a capital letter and make sure to put a full stop at the end of a normal sentence.
It will be best if you stick to the rule of sentence structuring rules in your academic essays. Otherwise, there will be no end to your grade deduction.

Important Factor for describing your point of view

The sentence is the most important factor to describe the meaning of your talk. A sentence will be able to declare your thoughts on a certain topic. In other conditions, it would make sure to express your ideas about a certain point in the studies.
But, you have to make sure to use complete sentences in academic essays.
There might be something difficult for you to understand this point.
You use thousands of abbreviations in daily life.
“What on Earth?” is one of them.
This sentence describes an idea clearly. It defines your expressions of curiosity and surprise. But, it is not a complete sentence.
Make sure to avoid it in your essay writing process.

Clauses in the Sentences

In a sentence, it is important to use at least one clause.
The clause contains a verb, subject, and in some cases, an object. Sometimes, a clause in a sentence, and at other times, there might be a lot of clauses in one sentence.
A clause defines a sentence and separates different parts of the sentence from one another.
You can have these examples;
I graduated last year.
It is a one clause sentence. Here, the subject is I, the verb is graduated and there is no object. The object can be or cannot be used in a clause.
I danced with a girl who had been to Glastonbury.
In this sentence, “I danced with a girl” is a clause itself. It describes the subject (I), verb (danced), and object (girl). While “who had been to Glastonbury” is the second clause in the sentence. Here, the subject is the girl described before, the verb is been to and the object is Glastonbury. It is a clause within a clause sentence. It is a two clause sentence.
When I came here, I saw him, and he greeted me.
This is a three clause sentence.
A sentence is an important factor for the essays. In other words, you can’t write an essay without sentences. So, you have to be cautious about the quality of the sentences. It will help you to write an essay that is acceptable and higher grades.

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